StopDashboard Widget

StopDashboard Widget 1.0

Kill your dashboard instantly


  • Simple and effective


  • May not be accessible if dashboard seriously crashes

The Mac Dashboard is a wonderful thing but if it freezes or takes ages to load, there's no way to take control of it. That is unless you use StopDashboard Widget which kills dashboard activity instantly.

If you have any problems with your dashboard for any reason, clicking on StopDashboard Widget will clear the memory of any dashboard activity. All you need to do to recall it again is press F12. That's about all there is to it. There are no preferences or options. The only problem you might have with it is if your Dashboard problems are serious enough, you might not even be able to click StopDashboard Widget.

StopDashboard Widget is a quick and effective way to clear your RAM if your dashboard is hogging it.

StopDashboard Widget


StopDashboard Widget 1.0

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